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continuous lean innovation process

customer insight discovery

Our continuous lean innovation process derives from The Lean Startup and Steve Blank's Customer Development. It uses market and business modelling tools we have found work best in practice. Each iteration leads to customer insights. From which you 'pivot', to find a more viable market or product. Or 'persevere', to further refine your business model.

market fit

The process works for any venture that is unsure of product / service - market fit. This could be a startup, R&D department, software company, or even a public service. It focuses teams to build something customers actually want. So also works to manage agile continuous delivery.

feedback-led iterations

The approach brings lean rigour to innovation. You don't waste time and build something unwanted. Instead, you cycle much faster. Build only essential features in agile sprints. Through continuous customer feedback, you evolve a solution that delivers sustainable value. As well as a business model that is an engine for growth.

lean innovation management

Traditional project management is ineffective when it is unclear what to build. Outputs and metrics from this process provide a framework to measure progress and readiness for investment. It gives senior managers and investors the insight and confidence to support innovation initiatives. Our approach is simple to explain to teams and introduce into any company. Our hands-on workshops are all you need to get going.

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